Bay 11 Podcast: By Teens, For Teens

In September of 2017 we launched a brand new podcast, “Bay 11,” produced by members of the “HTV Magazine” staff.  It is our effort to tell journalistic stories in a new format for us…just using the power of audio.  The show will arrive every four weeks, but there will be some shorter segments posted now and then.  So check back in on a regular basis, and follow us by following @htvbuzz on Twitter, and htvbuzz on Instagram.

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Episode 1

Segment 1: It Could Have Been Me 

Teens on the north side of Springfield, MO learn of a horrific crime, then discover that a man they thought they knew might be involved.  It happened 2 1/2 years ago, but if feels like yesterday to those who were there.

Segment 2: September 32nd 

Head injuries, especially concussions, are getting more attention than ever in the NFL, where there are less than 3,000 players during any given season.  Meanwhile, millions of young athletes risk similar injuries every day in the U.S., and not just on the football field.

Segment 3: Modern Family Ties

Our call-in guest is a former HHS student who left Springfield behind over 20 years ago to seek a career in Hollywood.  She’s now a recurring character on a major hit, playing of all things, a country gal from Missouri.


Episode 2

Segment 1: To Kill a Classic

A school in Mississippi bans the Harper Lee classic, “To Kill a Mockingbird,” and a national debate ensues about the appropriateness of the novel for some classrooms.  Reported by Brennan Williams.

Segment 2:  Take a Knee?

The “take-a-knee” protest in the NFL has made its way to some high school pre-game ceremonies.  Ellen Fountain talked to two players from a Washington D.C. high school who explain why they and many of their teammates are kneeling during the National Anthem.

Segment 3:  Making Music Videos 

Brook Linder, a graduate of Missouri State University, has been making a name for himself in LA where he now lives and directs music videos.  He explains what his job entails in a visit with Kaylinn Clotfelter.


Episode 3

The Summer of the Cobras

Allison Green joins the Bay 11 team with her first story, an in-depth, sometimes amusing look back at a harrowing event from the summer of 1953.  The city of Springfield was on pins and needles after a dozen poisonous cobras escaped from a pet store, slowing turning up all over town in the following weeks.  John Sellars, the head of the Springfield History Museum, is the featured guest, and he provides all sorts of information about the “great cobra scare.”


Episode 4

Segment 1:  So Full of Joy

Brennan Williams followed some students who brighten Hillcrest teachers’ lunch periods every day with their snack cart, and their smiles.

Segment 2:  Talent on Display

Parker Payne calls Ellis Hall at MSU his home-away-from-home.  He had his first recital there when he was in elementary school, and now the 19-year-old is known as one of the best piano players in the midwest.  Hayden Pyle, our own piano man, brings us the profile.

Segment 3:  Blogging Her Way to Success 

Her blog site,, has helped Ana Elliot have the career she always dreamed of, one she can enjoy from here in the Ozarks.  Kaylinn Clotfelter interviews her about how she is making it work.


Episode 5

Segment 1:  Just 6,000 Miles Away

In “Just 6,000 Miles Away” our host Emily talks to her big sister Chelsea, home for a visit after spending the last 11 months in Sendai, Japan. The cultural differences are substantial, and Chelsea explains how she’s adjusting.

Segment 2:  Fighting For Her Life

“Fighting for Her Life” sums up the last year for Shay Clayton, a teen from Willard, MO who has faced huge challenges, including one devastating decision she had to make all by herself, just before Christmas.  Reported by Sophia Vaughn.

Segment 3:  Stand-Up Comedian Tyler Snodgrass 

In our pop culture segment, reporter Isabella Halmick has a conversation with Tyler Snodgrass, who actually started doing stand-up comedy in high school at Hillcrest.  Now he does it professionally all over the country.


The Bay 11 Team

Host and Reporter:  Emily Peebles (front, center)

Music Director and Reporter: Hayden Pyle (back)

Pop Culture Reporter:  Kaylinn Clotfelter (front, left)

General Assignment Reporter:  Ellen Fountain (front, right)

Executive Producer:  Dave Davis