Bay 11 Podcast: By Teens, For Teens

Our first “Bay 11” podcast took about six weeks to plan and produce.  Going forward, our plan is to produce a show about every four weeks, but we also hope to post shorter content as things pop up that we want to cover.  So check back in on a regular basis, and follow us by following @htvbuzz on Twitter, and htvbuzz on Instagram.

Thanks to the sponsors of our first show, Blend Studio, and John Pope with Edward Jones, Rogersville, MO.

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Episode 1

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Segment 1: It Could Have Been Me 

Teens on the north side of Springfield, MO learn of a horrific crime, then discover that a man they thought they knew might be involved.  It happened 2 1/2 years ago, but if feels like yesterday to those who were there.

Segment 2: September 32nd 

Head injuries, especially concussions, are getting more attention than ever in the NFL, where there are less than 3,000 players during any given season.  Meanwhile, millions of young athletes risk similar injuries every day in the U.S., and not just on the football field.

Segment 3: Modern Family Ties

Our call-in guest is a former HHS student who left Springfield behind over 20 years ago to seek a career in Hollywood.  She’s now a recurring character on a major hit, playing of all things, a country gal from Missouri.

The Team

Host:  Emily Peebles (front, center)

Music Director: Hayden Pyle (back, right)

Pop Culture Reporter:  Kaylinn Clotfelter (front, right)

News Team:  Brendan Williams (back, left), Ellen Fountain (front, left)

Executive Producer:  Dave Davis