HTV Magazine #216

Find out how colleges and employers are checking your social media posts on the latest edition of HTV.  Other stories include a “thriller” of a dance on Commercial Street, vapor cigarettes, and how shoeboxes are making life better for people in need.  All that and much more on our November show, anchored by Katelyn Johannsen and Christian Shearer.

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The Buzz: 11-14

Sophomores everywhere!  This edition of “The Buzz,” our show primarily about, and for Hillcrest students, staff and patrons, was produced by the Broadcast Journalism I class.

Anchors are Wyatt Larson and Kinsie Williams.  The Line Producer is Hope Cochran.

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HTV Special Edition

“Spare the Child” is an HTV Magazine Special Edition about child abuse in Greene County, MO.

The problem is deep, complex, and disturbing. Seven students worked four months on this project. The co-Executive Producers were Kara Mullen and Savanna Steffen.

NOTE: Parts of this program may be too intense for some viewers.

Visit the companion website, for bonus clips, extra information, and staff reflections.

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Giving Thanks

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Starting a Legend

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HTV Magazine #216

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PV Honors Veterans

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Nerd Club

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Speed Test

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The Buzz: 11-14

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