Swimming with Confidence

Joe Shearer is a member of the Hillcrest swim team who has more than the person in the next lane to contend with.  Sam Gibbens and Ben Wassam explain in this profile.

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Medicine Men

You may have heard you can make money participating in medical trials.  In this story by Lindsey Cunningham and Darian Lyon, you find out what it’s like from two who tried it.

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HTV Magazine #200

The show that took 23 years to produce–our celebration of reaching 200 editions of HTV Magazine.

This program was first screened at the 2012 Hillcrest Media Banquet with an audience that included members of 18 of the last 23 staffs of HTV Magazine, plus current students and parents.

The full house got a chance to take a poignant walk down memory lane as we looked back at some HTV landmarks, and heard from students who built this incredible broadcast program.

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Swimming with Confidence

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Medicine Men

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HTV Open ’06-07

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Fight Club

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Dog Swim

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The Gift God Gave Me

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Chatroom: Hayley Queen

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Love the Locks

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