HTV Magazine #218

The students in our Broadcast Journalism I class hit the field for the stories on this month’s show.  Look for coverage of Skyzone, Grad School, Project Graduation, a Bass Pro diver, and a Hillcrest baseball legend…and much more.

Anchors are Shelby Baker and James McCullough.

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The Buzz 2-6-15

It is all about LPA this week on “The Buzz.”  Features include a look at some past LPA Kings, including a very special clip from last year’s crowning.  We also visit with this year’s three finalists, and ask some students who their dream date to the LPA dance would be.

All that and more on the February 6 edition of the show, hosted by Ben Wassam and Sam Gibbens.

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The Artist

She’s originally from the Ukraine, but now  this talented Hillcrest artist is making an impact in Heather Weter’s class.  Produced by Brooke Baker and Lindsey Cunningham.

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Nine Days of Freshmen

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Reality Check: College

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Drumline Dedication

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HTV Magazine #218

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Defying Gravity

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The Buzz 2-6-15

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Tennis for Life

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Legends and Legacies

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