Delivering for Decades

She has been driving a bus for Truman Elementary students since the school opened.  Meet Jane Franck in this profile story by Austin Hemingway and Kaylinn Clotfelter.

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HTV Magazine #239

On the latest “HTV Magazine,” we cover the walkout at a sister school, a teen problem that plagues almost everyone at one time or another, two seniors taking a major step this summer, a lawsuit filed by an HHS English teacher, and we also visit a new restaurant with its own unique theme.  All that, plus a commentary by Isabella Halmick, on this brand new show, hosted by Ellen Fountain and Allison Green.

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The Buzz 4-13-18

The Friday the 13th edition of “The Buzz” has new, light features by our sophomores, and a sketch at the end of the show in honor of the special date.  Hosted by Anna Daniel and Chesnee Angel.

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Social Media Thoughts

Rachel Pfeifer H of F


Banquet “Auditions”

Banquet Montage

Delivering for Decades

The Buzz 5-1-18

Saving the Date