MLK March

Emily Laster and Taylor Huff covered this year’s Martin Luther King Day March in downtown Springfield, where over 2,000 people participated.  They paid tribute to King’s legacy, and showed their belief in embracing all cultures.

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The Buzz 1-16-15

The first show of 2015 is hosted by Jordan Lundquist and Sarena Mott.  Check out a segment about the Hornet wrestling team, and “Five Questions” with a good sport from the science department.

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Against the Law (2001)


A new state law said it was illegal for anyone under 18 to possess or use tobacco in Missouri.  ID checks were to take place for anyone up to the age of 27 wanting to purchase cigarettes.

Back Story:  The HTV crew had heard rumors that it was still easy to purchase with no ID.  So they decided to test it.

The Focus Statement: “IDs required–or are they?”

Trivia:  The opening shot of b-roll on this story was from the HTV archives…it was originally seen in 1995 on the Special Edition, “The Invincible Teen.”


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MLK March

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Annual Celebration

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A Week of Kindness

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The Buzz 1-16-15

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Plunging Prices

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Far From Home

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Against the Law (2001)

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Just Their Opinion

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