HTV Hall of Fame

2019 Inductees



Trenton Wolfe, Kaylinn Clotfelter, Ellen Fountain, Emily Peebles, and Allison Green.  The HTV Hall of Fame grew by five in May of 2019 as we honored some of our most successful students from the class of 2018.  Allison Green was the quiet, reliable, outstanding editor and line producer who meticulously assembled “HTV Magazine” and produced some of our most memorable stories in recent years.  Her partner in the field was Ellen Fountain, who reported and anchored during her years on staff.  The dynamic duo of Fountain and Green won the award for best news story from the National Television Academy’s Midwest Chapter as they covered the walk out at Central High School as part of a national teen effort to highlight gun violence.  It was not their first NATAS honor–they were part of HTV’s winning show entry when they were just sophomores.  Emily Peebles worked with a variety of partners during her time on HTV, and she was anchor, reporter, and NATAS-award winner as a photographer.  She also left behind a legacy of excellence on the new “Bay 11” podcast, as she became the show’s first regular host as well as a frequent reporter.  Kaylinn Clotfelter brought a director’s eye to a number of creative projects, most produced with the assistance of Trenton Wolfe.  The pair earned the National Scholastic Press Association’s “News Story of the Year” and took first place in the on-site Music Video production contest at the national convention of the Student Television Network.  Fountain, Peebles and Clotfelter were part of a special edition of the Bay 11 podcast that won the Robert F. Kennedy High School Journalism Award, Hillcrest’s unprecedented ninth RFK honor.  Wolfe was also the HTV Chief Engineer, and according to adviser Dave Davis, he was one of the best to ever hold that position.

Past Inductees

2018:  Rachel Pfeifer

2017:  Shelby Baker, Lindsey Cunningham, James McCullough

2016:  Taylor Huff, Emily Laster

2015:  Savanna Steffen, Kara Mullen, John Harmon

2014: Kaley Prier

2013: Jessica Larson, Chandler Reed, Brad Thomas, Adam Vigil

2012:  Ali Randolph, Andrew Edwards, Ashley Reynolds

2011:  Chelsea Peebles, Lindsey Hale, Lori Reed Collier

2010:  Alex Tabor, Curtis Thomas, Mehleena Edmonds, Fran Olive, Rob Lyons, Sarah Skinner

2009:  Kendra Weatherford, Rachel Miles

2008:  Grant Reed, Tyler Snodgrass

2007:  Allyssa Dudley, Jodi Morin

2006:  Carrie Lutz, Emily Miles, Quinci Adams, Rebekah Feemster

2005:  Bryan Snider, Holly Magdziarz, Nate Black

2004:  Brandon Goodman, Carolyn Eastman, Paul Griffin, Josh Jones, Josh Martin

2003:  Andy McFarland, Eric Hernando, Erin Neal, Kirk Hadden, Megan Matrone

2002:  Lindsey Wannenmacher

2001:  Andy Aldridge, Anson Aldridge, Alyea Azeez, Ben Bumgarner, Elizabeth Farrand, Lauren Terrill, Mike Koehler, Tom Flannigan

2000:  Andrew Fravel, Jason Raphael, Kory Stubblefield, Milta Oyola

1999:  Barbara Ellard, Destiny Haney, Doug Currier, J’Nell Jones, Micah Hay, Nichole Kimmons, Rhiannon Fry, Thad Forrester

1998:  Baron Grafft, Eli Stevens, Josh Lovetere, Karl Dawson, Lesley Johnson, Sky Poindexter, Wes McNew

1997:  Kaylea Boutwell, Kristin Brewer, Jared Letterman, Jared Moore, Jason Morrow, John Pope, Rae Swan

1996:  Amy Miller, Jason Green, Jeff Johnson, Justin Tiller, Lucas Parks, Mandy Dullum, Rob McFarland

1995:  Aaron Frey, Angie Wingo, Brad McAtee, Dan Arnall, Mike Hargis, Noel Green, Valarie Poindexter