Tyler and John produced the second edition of CRIBS from the 2013 HTV Bus Tour.

Bus Tour Commentary

Katelyn sounds off about her experience on the Rocky Mountain Road Trip at the half-way point.

QC: Breaking Camp

Our last moments in Estes Park started with tearing down our tents, and loading up all our equipment on a beautiful Colorado morning.

Sign Man

Kyler and Emily showcase Eli, a student in Durango who carries big signs for a living.

QC: Shaved Ice-Cream

Cheyanne Broyles stumbles upon a Dodge City treat for this sweet quick clip.

QC: Scared in the Stanley

The staff recalls how field producer, Chandler Reed reacted when he was scared at the Stanley Hotel.

Ode to the Road

Minutes away from Springfield, Donny Glunt, Kelsey Williams, and other HTVers perform an “Ode to the Road.”

Producer Awards

Flooded with inside jokes from the trip, the producers came up with some very serious awards.

FTB: Final Reflections

Kyler takes the final installment of From The Bus, asking the HTV staff about their favorite memories from Colorado.

QC: First Tent

Taylor Huff and her team are the first to get their tent set up in Estes Park.