It’s a Circus, Isn’t It?

HTV Classic/1998

Back Story:  Barbara Ellard and Jana Morrow took two cameras and a mic, and covered a performance of “Cirque Ingenieux.”  It turned into a memorable nat-sound feature.

Focus Statement:  “This is not your typical circus.”

Trivia:  The story was not planned as a natural sound piece.  That was decided later in the edit bay.


Half Awake Deb

This winner of the on-site Music Video contest at the STN convention in 2008 was basically shot in one room.

Back Story: Directed by Brook Linder and starring Charles McDonald, the story includes a surprise ending in the elevator that required a Photoshop trick which Linder barely completed in time for the deadline.

The Focus Statement: “I’ve gotta get out of here”

Trivia: In 2007 students representing each school entered in the Music Video contest selected the winner. The song used here is titled “Half Awake Deb” by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin.


“I Have a Peace”

HTV Classic/2017  Senior HTVer Rachel Pfeifer interviews her father, H.C., who talks about his battle with cancer.

Back Story:  H.C. Pfeifer is a very well-known teacher and coach at the Reed Academy, a middle school which feeds into Hillcrest.

Focus Statement:  “My dad’s battle, my dad’s faith.”

Trivia:  Rachel shot and produced the story by herself.  It is the second most-viewed story all-time on this website.



Delivering for Decades

HTV Classic/2018  She has been driving a bus for Truman Elementary students since the school opened.  Meet Jane Franck in this profile story by Austin Hemingway and Kaylinn Clotfelter.

Back Story:  The segment was pitched by a student who, like many past HTVers, was once a passenger on Jane’s bus.

Focus Statement:  “Bus driver makes lasting impact on kids”

Trivia:  Truman Elementary was named after former President Harry S. Truman, the only Missourian to ever be elected president.


The Walkout

HTV Classic/2018  Students across the nation walked out to make a statement about guns and school safety.  We covered one of the area’s largest protests at Central High School.  Story by Ellen Fountain and Allison Green.

Back Story:  After doing some homework, the HTV team decided Central High School’s walkout was the best choice for coverage instead of a much smaller one taking place at Hillcrest.

Focus Statement:  “A national walkout inspires students to voice concerns about gun violence”

Trivia:  The Central walkout was also streamed live on Facebook, leading to a number of comments, some used in the story by HTV.




For Coach Atch

HTV CLASSIC/2019  Willard Tiger baseball players lost a coach who pushed them, believed in them, and taught them many lessons in life.  Coach “Atch” died tragically last November, and a this talented team would love to win state in his memory.  Sarah Hale, Gabby Deckard, and Madison Edmondson have the story.

Back Story:  A tragic hunting accident ended the life of a popular Willard High School coach and mentor.

The Focus Statement: “Players remember Coach Atch as they strive for the title”

Trivia:  The story was first pitched in the late fall, not long after the accident, but eventually the decision was reached to produce the piece during baseball season in the spring.


Street Scene

HTV Classic/2018  After the sheriff posted photos on Facebook and asked citizens to stop giving to panhandlers, hundreds of people joined the discussion.  Kaylinn Clotfelter and Trenton Wolfe talked to the man who found out later he was the center of the social media storm.

Back Story:  The panhandler in question was found on the north side of the city, in the Hillcrest district.  Several HHS students had seen him on the median.

Focus Statement:  “Sheriff’s comments on Facebook single out panhandler”

Trivia:  The panhandler was sitting at one of the city’s busier intersections, where there was constant noise.


Springfield Rugby

A club sport in Springfield provides players with a chance to participate in one of the most physical sports around.

Back Story: The HTV team attended a game and a night practice to gather then footage for the story.

The Focus Statement: “Rugby is a tough, demanding sport”

Trivia: Springfield Rugby had been around for over 20 years when this story was shot. This was the second time HTV had covered the sport.


Words Matter

From 2011, reporter Ali Randolph looks at the harm caused by two words that got thrown around casually by teens.

Love the Locks

Fran Olive and Derek Jenkins produced this fast-paced look at popular hair styes, then and now, in this feature from 2008.