HTV Magazine 250

Anna Daniel and Sophia Vaughn host the 250th edition of “HTV Magazine.”  Features include the story of a Buffalo High School sophomore wrestling despite her health challenges, a Springfield mother talking on camera for the first time about a shattering loss, the craziness of the Polar Bear Plunge, a new e-game center and much more on this landmark show.

HTV Magazine #249

Stories by our sophomores in Broadcast I are featured as Brook Blair and Madison Edmondson anchor the 249th edition of “HTV Magazine.”  The closing of a beloved music store, an animal adoption facility, a man and his contest-winning mustache, what “Moon City” was all about…just a few of the topics covered on this show.

HTV Magazine #248

The last HTV Magazine of 2019 includes a look at the renovations coming to HHS, a student homework scam, a street choir for the homeless, info about those tantalizing student loans, and a new FFA chapter.  All those and much more on HTV 248, anchored by Madison Letterman and Trevor Roy.

HTV Magazine 247

Kenzie Turner and Garrett Cates host our latest show, featuring coverage of dyslexia, a special HTV reunion, a nearby tiger sanctuary, and a downtown apartment that doubles as a concert venue.  Those stories and more on the latest edition of the nation’s longest-running, monthly high school newsmagazine.

HTV Magazine 246

Emma Tracy and Scott Zubillaga anchor the September edition of HTV as we visit the history museum on the square, check out the new four-day week at a Fair Grove High School, and watch as one of our reporters gets to let off some stream at a “rage room.”

Those stories and more, including our “First 30” flashback,  as we visit with Dayton Loven, a member of HTV’s first staff in 1989-90.  This is our 30th year–and we have plenty of special moments coming.  See keep watching!

HTV Magazine 245

Madison Letterman and Trevor Roy anchor the last show of the school year.  Topics include an area baseball team playing with a special person in mind, a teen and his family talk about how faith helped has he fought for his life, baby goats make yoga more fun, and why pickleball has caught on with seniors and others.  All that and much more on HTV 245.

HTV Magazine 244

The latest HTV Magazine, with stories about a “Cinderella swap,” the C-Street comeback, a street musician we met in Seattle, trafficking, a sexual assault survivor, and a new sports rant about instant replay.  To top it off, we share a dog’s day in West Seattle.  The anchors this time are Sarah Hale and Leanna Teudan.

2014: “Spare the Child”

FROM FIVE YEARS AGO:  “Spare the Child” is an HTV Magazine Special Edition about child abuse in Greene County, MO.

The problem is deep, complex, and disturbing. Seven students worked four months on this project. The co-Executive Producers were Kara Mullen and Savanna Steffen.

NOTE: Parts of this program may be too intense for some viewers.

Visit the companion website, for bonus clips, extra information, and staff reflections.

HTV Magazine #243

The Broadcast I students take over HTV and present seven stories and a commentary.  Anchors are Colby Bogle and Austin Hemingway.

HTV Magazine #242

Bikers, hockey players, a guy building something crazy out of cardboard, and other segments now ready for viewing on HTV Magazine for December.  Anchored by Madison Letterman and Samson Cochran.