Bad Day

Anna Daniel, Trevor Roy, Emma Tracy and Sophia Vaughn created this creepy entry for the ASB 4State music video contest.  Music was provided by ASB, and the rest was created by the production team, the weekend before Halloween.

Truth or Dare

A five-second film produced by Jaela Burris, Kannon Brayfield, and Abby Bull.  (First place, Novice Division, ASB 4-State)

Inverse Perspective

Isaac Feemster, Gunnar Brooks, McKenzie Turner and Madeline Summers produced this video for the ASB 4State.  It also stars Avery Grant.  The music was provided by ASB.

Life Changing

Avery Grant profiles a long-time north side barber about his wild ways when he was a student at Hillcrest, and how he found faith, and a better way to live.

First 30: Dayton Loven

Dayton Loven, one of the founders of “HTV Magazine” back in 1989, is our first guest in a new series we call “The First 30.”  Reporter Audrey Fountain has the story.

The Four-Day Week

Fair Grove High School has Mondays off this year as they try a four-day school week.  Madeline Summers and Colby Baker visited with students, the principal and a teacher to see how things are going.

Museum on the Square

Springfield history comes to life at a recently-opened museum on the square.  William Wehmer and Emma Tracy got a look at the five-story facility, and the many displays that provide a look at the area’s past.

Papa Green Shoes

Reporter Gunnar Brooks is a talented musician, so he enjoyed producing this feature with photographer Luke Morris.  The give us a look at a dedicated band that keeps making great music locally and regionally.  That includes a drummer with ties to Hillcrest.

Rage Room

You can bash your frustrations and anger away at the place reporter Trevor Roy and photographer Sophia Vaughn visited for this feature.

HTV Opening 2019-20

The 2019-20 show opening is a salute to the students who helped make HTV Magazine a success in its early years, as we honor year 30 of our broadcast program at Hillcrest.  It was produced by Sophia Vaughn and Trevor Roy.