Fish Story

Lots of young people enjoy fishing in the Ozarks, especially as warm weather returns.  Reporter Hayden Pyle and photographer Madelyn Carson visit with a teen who loves to fish, and an expert who knows all about keeping it legal when you cast your line.

Levi’s Journey

The amazing tale of Levi Graham is one of fighting back with faith as he recovered from a crash he was not supposed to survive.  Trevor Roy and Garrett Cates produced the story.

HTV Magazine 245

Madison Letterman and Trevor Roy anchor the last show of the school year.  Topics include an area baseball team playing with a special person in mind, a teen and his family talk about how faith helped has he fought for his life, baby goats make yoga more fun, and why pickleball has caught on with seniors and others.  All that and much more on HTV 245.

For Coach Atch

HTV CLASSIC/2019  Willard Tiger baseball players lost a coach who pushed them, believed in them, and taught them many lessons in life.  Coach “Atch” died tragically last November, and a this talented team would love to win state in his memory.  Sarah Hale, Gabby Deckard, and Madison Edmondson have the story.

Back Story:  A tragic hunting accident ended the life of a popular Willard High School coach and mentor.

The Focus Statement: “Players remember Coach Atch as they strive for the title”

Trivia:  The story was first pitched in the late fall, not long after the accident, but eventually the decision was reached to produce the piece during baseball season in the spring.


Buzz-A-Thon 2019

Highlights of the 2019 Buzz-A-Thon, which ran 15 hours non-stop.

Hall of Fame 2019

We welcome five new members to the HTV Hall of Fame…congrats to Emily Peebles, Ellen Fountain, Trenton Wolfe, Allison Green, and Kaylinn Clotfelter.

Goodbye, 2019

Hayden Pyle provides the music, Sophia Vaughn the images, as we say good bye to the school year on HTV and Bay 11.

The Buzz 5-2-19

This is the last edition of “The Buzz” for the 2018-19 school year.  Anchors are Noah Hefner and Sara Collins.  Watch for a report from “Decision Day” on the Hill, highlights of the talent show, a PSA about juuling, and a reminder about a great place for teens to find summer jobs.  All that on more on the final show by our Broadcast I class.

C-Street Comeback

The last few years have seen a beleaguered Commercial Street, with a strong history of commerce in Springfield, stage a comeback.  Two people who work there every day share their insights about what has made a difference in the area.  Austin Hemingway and Colby Bogle produced the story.

The Busker of Seattle

While we visited Seattle for the annual STN convention, Sarah Hale and Gabby Deckard met a street performer down at the Pike Place Market who was more than meets the ear.