Humane Volunteers

Sophomores Lara Temple and Chloe Sutherland visited the Humane Society and focused on the volunteers who help in a variety of ways every day.

In the Bag

(2010)  Meet a bag man with big dreams in this story by Brad Thomas and Andrew Edwards.  He’s hoping to make it all the way to the David Letterman show with is fast-bagging skills.

Coming Home

(2008) Brandy Enver was a star during her high school days at Hillcrest.  In the fall of 2008, she came back to HHS to teach Speech and Debate, so reporter Marlee McDaris and photographer Holly Fees visited with Brandy about coming home.

Taking the Dive

Water, dogs, and the folks who love them.  Some summer fun from 2008, produced by Olivia Tinkler and Mitch Easter.

The Legend: Roy Clark

The late Roy Clark was appearing at the Grand Ole Opry in 2008 when HTV reporter Kendra Edmonds caught up with him for a interview about his legendary career.  That’s when a first-time Opry performer, Jessica Simpson, dropped by for advice from Roy.

Big Bikes

In 2013 we met a man who collected and cherished bicycles from all eras, in all styles.  Reported by Stephanie Williams, shot by Breanna Feemster.

The 47-Cent Adventure

On a Saturday night in the fall of 1992, Brad McAtee and Justin Tiller realized they had a story due for HTV Magazine. Between them they had a total of 47 cents.  So what did they do?  They made the problem the story.  Can you have fun in Springfield when you only have 47 cents?  See what they found out in the installment of “Brad and Justin’s Excellent Adventure” from HTV’s fourth year.

HTV Opening ’02-’03

Shot quickly in the HTV studio, and edited by Brandon Goodwin, this was how we introduced “HTV Magazine” in the 2002-03 school year.  TRIVIA: This is the only HTV opening to incorporate music with lyrics, in this case provided (with permission) by the band Happy Endings.

It’s a Circus, Isn’t It?

HTV Classic/1998

Back Story:  Barbara Ellard and Jana Morrow took two cameras and a mic, and covered a performance of “Cirque Ingenieux.”  It turned into a memorable nat-sound feature.

Focus Statement:  “This is not your typical circus.”

Trivia:  The story was not planned as a natural sound piece.  That was decided later in the edit bay.


School of Music

They are learning to rock and roll at Pelligrino’s School of Music, and our sophomore team of Kannon Brayfield, Ethan Cates and Robert Smith checked it out for this story.