Aerial Effort

Check out the way some folks are burning calories and getting high–literally.  McKenzie Turner, Anna Cochran and Madison Letterman have the story.

Taking the Plunge

It happens every year, the Polar Bear Plunge.  This year, reporter Gunnar Brooks and photographer Colby Baker checked it out for HTV.

HTV Magazine 250

Anna Daniel and Sophia Vaughn host the 250th edition of “HTV Magazine.”  Features include the story of a Buffalo High School sophomore wrestling despite her health challenges, a Springfield mother talking on camera for the first time about a shattering loss, the craziness of the Polar Bear Plunge, a new e-game center and much more on this landmark show.


Georgia Marshall gives her first interview since a devastating loss in 2012 changed her life forever.  William Wehmer, Emma Tracy and Madeline Summers have the story of a life shattered, but not broken.

The Fighter

Hadley Smith got a diagnosis that totally changed her life when she was in middle school, but she has always fought back.  This year, she took on a new challenge with the constant support of her family.  Sophia Vaughn and Trevor Roy explain in this story.

The Breakfast Club #5

Myra Ieru and Ashlyn Lewis host the latest edition of “The Breakfast Club” from our Broadcast I crew.  Check out what the new Hillcrest StuCo officers have planned for next year, hear about flu season and its impact on classes, catch a music video from down on the farm, and watch a humorous segment that mixes up the Q and A concept.

Humane Volunteers

Sophomores Lara Temple and Chloe Sutherland visited the Humane Society and focused on the volunteers who help in a variety of ways every day.

In the Bag

(2010)  Meet a bag man with big dreams in this story by Brad Thomas and Andrew Edwards.  He’s hoping to make it all the way to the David Letterman show with is fast-bagging skills.

Coming Home

(2008) Brandy Enver was a star during her high school days at Hillcrest.  In the fall of 2008, she came back to HHS to teach Speech and Debate, so reporter Marlee McDaris and photographer Holly Fees visited with Brandy about coming home.

Taking the Dive

Water, dogs, and the folks who love them.  Some summer fun from 2008, produced by Olivia Tinkler and Mitch Easter.