A Little Side Hustle

Some students are helping peers with their studies, but we are not talking about tutoring, or study groups.  An HTV investigation reported by Rileigh Jamison, shot by Jordan Shaefferkoetter and Abby Bull, explains how money is involved.

The Breakfast Club #3

Highlights of the winter sports assembly, an update on the HHS food pantry, new rules regarding traffic in the hallways, Hornet wrestling, and a few other segments produced by our Broadcast I sophomores are part of our last show before the break.  Becky Gardner and Acie Hensley anchor the show.


Student loans can be the gift that keeps on taking.  At least it can seem that way, and reporter Madeline Summers talked to a couple of Hillcrest teachers who are still paying back their loans about the upside, and the downside, of taking out loans. Video by Emma Tracy.

Emergency Response

MoDOT conducts yearly training exercises for emergency responders.  Recently one took place at the Springfield/Branson airport, and HTV was there.  William Wehmer has the story, with video by Audrey Fountain.

First 30: Rachel Flynn

We catch up with Rachel (Miles) Flynn in this month’s “First 30” segment.  Kenzie Turner visits with the award-winning HTVer from the class of 2008.

Street Sounds

A street choir is giving members of Springfield’s homeless population a new voice.  Produced by Anna Daniel, Leanna Teudan, and Anna Cochran.

Change Reaction

Dr. Kroll provides details about renovations coming to Hillcrest.  Produced by Madison Letterman and Garrett Cates.

HTV Magazine #248

The last HTV Magazine of 2019 includes a look at the renovations coming to HHS, a student homework scam, a street choir for the homeless, info about those tantalizing student loans, and a new FFA chapter.  All those and much more on HTV 248, anchored by Madison Letterman and Trevor Roy.

The Perfect Cheer

“Hornet Cheerleaders” Miquela and Aaron have a little SNL-inspired fun.

The Breakfast Club #2

Jordan Shafferkoetter and Jeremiah Cochran host this week’s show, which includes a visit with the HHS basketball coaches, the “perfect cheer,” a pie crust contest, three girls in search of wrong answers, a trip to the zoo, some diverse Thanksgiving traditions, and a short film about a western bank robbery.