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Episode 28 10-8-19

Segment 1:  The Vaping Explosion

Teenage vaping has become a national concern.  It has risen to alarming rates in recent months.  Bay 11 reporter Anna Daniel talks to two teens–one who quit using e-cigarettes, one who still does–and a local expert who explains some of the harmful effects vaping can have on young people.

Segment 2:  The First 30:  Megan Matrone

Then in our “First 30” segment, Sophia Vaughn has an entertaining visit with Megan Matrone White, an HTV Hall of Famer from the class of 2002.  She discusses the dramatic world events that took place during her high school years, and why she is now often called “The Mudhouse Girl” by video teachers and students across the nation.

Episode 27  9-19-19

50 Years Later:  Tinker vs. Des Moines

In December of 1965, a handful of students in Iowa wore black arm bands to school to mourn those lost in the early stages of the Vietnam War.  They were suspended by administration, and that led to a First Amendment case that made its way to the Supreme Court, and a 1969 decision that supported student expression.  John Tinker was one of those Iowa students, and he visits with reporter Sophia Vaughn about the case named after him and his sister, Mary Beth, and how that decision lives on five decades later.  (SPECIAL THANKS to Jim Ellenberger and Bryan Foster)

Episode 26 9-6-19

Segment 1:  Sleepless Teens

(00:30)  Teenagers love late nights, but are definitely not crazy about early morning school bells.  Anna Daniel digs into the sleep issue in our first story as she visits a local sleep clinic to see how they help people who are sleep-deprived.

Segment 2:  The First 30:  Carolyn Eastman

(10:58)  Then our new segment, “The First 30,” focuses on past HTVers as we celebrate our 30th year of broadcasting at Hillcrest High School.  Up first, Carolyn Eastman, an award-winning staff member from the class of 2003 who has stayed “in the business” since leaving HHS.

Podcast Credits:  Original music created by Hayden Pyle and Gunnar Brooks.  Reporters:  Anna Daniel, Scott Zubillaga, with Sophia Vaughn.      Follow us on your favorite podcast app, and at:      E-mail us at:

Episode 25 6-21-19

Segment 1:  Tracked

Our summer show this time begins with a look at young people who are being followed by their parents, thanks to apps that let them track their movements and more.  Anna Daniel talks to three teens and a parent about the issues involved.

Segment 2:  Living History

Sophia Vaughn visits with a 96-year-old veteran of World War II, an Army Air Corp pilot who saw Nagasaki just 60 days after the atomic bomb was dropped in August of 1945.  His memories of the war provide insights you only get from those who lived it.  

Episode 24  4-24-19

What Does This Mean For Us Now?

A sign is torn down, igniting a conflict between straight and LGBTQ students at a Springfield high school.  Reporter Sophia Vaughn talked to two senior girls, one straight, one gay, who were part of the events that made local news, and sparked a spirited debate among teenagers who walked the same hallways every day, but at times seemed miles apart.

Episode 23  4-9-19

Segment 1:  Stayin’ Alive:  Books and Bookstores

On our recent trip to Seattle WA for the STN convention,  Anna Daniel and Sophia Vaughn hit the streets during a national contest to cover the topic of “In the Future.”  Their angle?  What is the future of real books, the kind you hold in your hands, the kind you buy in a bookstore.  Some locals down on the water front were happy to discuss their sunny outlook for the printed word.

Segment 2:  The Patrick Mahomes Story as Written by a Former HTVer

Matt Derrick authored a book about KC Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes in less than a month last fall, then it flew off bookshelves across the region.  He talked to Colby Bogle about those early days of HTV back in the fall of 1989, then discussed how he wrote the Mahomes book, and what he learned about the young superstar as he put it all together.  (Book title:  Patrick Mahomes: Showtime)

Segment 3:  Dig Or Dis

Digs or Dis  The usual randomness as three of our staffers (Brenden was off running track) talk about going green, post-travel woes, and a brand of shirt that Hayden says shows way too many sweat stains.  Seriously, we argued about that.

Episode 22  Facing the Future

Are teenagers concerned enough about the future to actually do something about it?

On this edition of Bay 11, we talk to current high school students who have done a little, or a lot, to prepare for the next chapter of their lives. The decisions are many…go to college or go to work?  Stay close to home or move away?  Pursue a profession or a trade, or even go into business?  Decisions, decisions.

Segment 1:  Looking Ahead

0:31 – 6:38  Hillcrest students discuss just how much they have thought about, and done something about their future plans after they graduate high school.  Some are ready, some are not.   Reporter: Brenden Weaver

Segment 2:  A Different Path

6:55 – 13:49  Meet a 23-year-old who recalls his decision to not attend college after being home-schooled all his life.  He found another way to build a life.  Reporter: Hayden Pyle

Segment 3:  Navy Girl

13:52 – 20:06  She is looking at a few years in the Navy in exchange for a free education when she returns.  Meet a Glendale High School senior who decided to serve her country while securing her future.  Reporter: Sophia Vaughn

Segment 4:  Dig Or Dis

Digs or Dis  Sophia talks about finally listening to “Serial,” the podcast from a few years back that had an international audience hanging on every episode, Brenden sings the praise of “Designated Survivor,” his latest binge, Hayden, just back from France, has a fashion review, and Anna has spring fever, as long as it doesn’t get too hot.

Episode 21 2-21-19

Segment 1:  She’s On Your Side

KY3 consumer reporter Ashley Reynolds gets hundreds of tips each month from her loyal viewers.  The tips often lead her to scam artists, shady deals, and services promised, but not provided.  Bay 11 reporter Anna Daniel interviews Ashley, who got her start at Hillcrest, about her journalism career.

Segment 2:  Dig Or Dis

Digs or Dis  Discussions this time about the Ted Bundy Tapes, horses, Emily Dickinson, and a boy and his piano.  You basically have to hear it to believe it.

Episode 20  2-7-19

Special Edition:  Trafficking

Human trafficking is a growing problem across the globe, and that includes the Ozarks.  In this special edition of our podcast, we break this issue down and meet people who are making an effort to stop trafficking by raising awareness, and by helping to save those who are victimized by it.  In our final segment, we hear a first-hand account that provides a harrowing reality check.


00 – 2:24  Intro

2:24 – 13:40 Dr. Rachael Herrington

13:47 – 20:56  Sheila and Brandon Cox

21:20 – 31:32  Kris Wade

Our reporters are Sophia Vaughn and Hayden Pyle.

Episode 19  1-22-19

Segment 1:  Like a Moth to a Flame

Social media attracts teenagers, and some teenagers post crude, hurtful content that might impact their future plans.  That is part of Sara Collins’ lead story as she examines the social media craze.  It isn’t going away, but can teenagers be more responsible in how they use it.  Her segment includes an enlightening interview with former HTVer Ren Luebbering, a social media manager and expert on the various platforms popular with young people.

Segment 2:  A Place for Dreamers

Jessica Larson left her home town of Springfield to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, hoping to write and produce someday.  Anna Daniel interviewed her about her journey so far, and what it’s really like in Hollywood.

Segment 3:  Dig Or Dis

Digs or Dis  Duck and cover—Sophia takes aim at football–Anna is worked up about Valentine’s Day–and Brenden is still dying inside after his Chiefs failed to make the Super Bowl.  Thank goodness Hayden has a positive review of a music-themed film from 1995 to provide a little “digging” in a world of “diss” this week.

Episode 18  12-18-1

Segment 1:  Unspeakable

A road rage incident takes the life of a Hillcrest sophomore’s beloved grandmother, and leads to a first degree murder charge for a driver who shows no remorse for her actions.  Hayden Pyle has an in-depth look at the bizarre, almost unspeakable crime, and how it has impacted a Springfield family.

Hayden Pyle interviews Emleigh Sahagun about her grandmother’s tragic death for “Unspeakable.”

Segment 2:  Traveling Man

Long time Hillcrest social studies teacher Jeremy George has shown students the world through is regular spring trips abroad.  Find out how he was bitten by the traveling bug back in 2000, and what he hopes his journeys have taught his students through the years, as reported by Brenden Weaver.

Episode 17  12-3-18

Segment 1:  A Teen’s Battle:  Depression

One in five teenage girls will experience depression to some degree.  It is something our primary guest on this show knows all about. Listen as she sheds light on how she coped, and why she is still in treatment.  Anna Daniel reports.

Segment 2:  Dig Or Dis

Digs or Dis  A disgraced NFL star, a new movie about Queen, the most overplayed Christmas song, and an annoying habit…all are targets in our latest pop culture segment, featuring all four podcast staffers.

Episode 16  11-16-18

Segment 1:  The Amazing Stan Lee

Stan Lee passed away at the age of 95 this week.  No one was more associated with Marvel Comics.  And to mark his career, and his passing, we found an expert.  Give this in-depth interview by Brenden Weaver a listen.  We promise you will learn something new about Marvel, and Stan Lee.

Segment 2:  Dig Or Dis

Digs or Dis  Our regular pop culture critics’ segment as Hayden, Sophia, Anna and Brenden take aim at Instagram, Sabrina, Marvel, and Michael Buble.  Got your attention?  Check it out.

Episode 15  10-30-18  The Halloween Special

Segment 1:  Haunted Reed

Is Reed Academy haunted?  The building is approaching its 100th year, and Hayden Pyle, who attended Reed, along with the rest of our Pod Nerdz, paid it a visit and got the scoop from two custodians who have had their hard-to-explain experiences.

Segment 2:  The Test

Our Halloween theme continues with an original drama/comedy/horror spoof in which two teachers prove a point, but in a grisly way.

Segment 3:  Dig Or Dis

Digs or Dis  It’s all about the value of candy corn.  A hot topic during the candy season, of course, and this time the disses outnumber the digs.

Episode 14  10-24-18

Segment 1:  21 Pilots: Stay Alive

One of the biggest bands around is “21 Pilots” and reporter Sophia Vaughn is a huge fan.  She explains why in her segment, and then her guests talk about the powerful impact the group has had on their lives.

Segment 2:  Patriotism, Nike, and Colin Kaepernick

A nearby college immediately banned all Nike products from their athletic department when Nike used controversial football player Colin Kaepernick in their new ad campaign.  It sparked come creative protests online, and plenty of debate as Americans chose sides.  Hayden Pyle looks at the issues, and finds a local woman whose organization has an alternative for those shedding their Nike gear.

Segment 3:  Dig Or Dis

Digs or Dis  Our pop culture discussion this time is a little weird.  Think about the evils of soft mints, how Pete has been treating Ariana, and then something about those awkward facial expressions that get misinterpreted on social media.  Buckle up for a strange ride.

Episode 13  10-4-18

Segment 1: Losing Weight, Losing Control 

What started as a story about fad diets led reporter Anna Daniel to a recent HHS graduate, who shared how her constant dieting began threatening her health and well-being.

Digs and Disses this time includes high hopes for a horror movie sequel, “The Good Place,” Cardi D’s recent behavior, and a favorite book series for young kids.

Segment 2:  Doling Park: Through the Years

Then Brenden Weaver brings us the colorful history of Doling Park in Springfield, which has been around since the late 19th century, providing warm memories for many Ozarkers.

Segment 3:  Dig Or Dis

Digs or Dis this time includes high hopes for a new horror movie sequel,  NBC’s “The Good Place,” Cardi D’s recent behavior, and a favorite book series for young kids.

Episode 12  9-20-18

Segment 1: Live PD:  In Our Backyard

A national broadcast on the A & E network has made us famous here in Greene County, MO.  Every Friday and Saturday night, it’s cops and robbers on TV, giving viewers a peek into the life of law enforcement officers.  Reporter Sophia Vaughn visits with fans, and with one of Greene County’s finest, Corporal James Craigmyle.

Segment 2:  Dig or Diss

A new, regular feature of the Bay 11 podcast gives our podcasters a chance to sound off on any aspect of pop culture grabbing their attention.  They might praise it, they might slam it, or they might just argue about it.  This segment is definitely by teens, for teens.  On this inaugural “Dig or Diss,” we touch on a teen rom-com, a book series worth a re-visit, a fabric that often gets overlooked, and Hayden shares his thoughts about a billionaire who apparently thought: ‘How cool…I’ll smoke some weed during a podcast.’ (not this one)

Episode 11  7-6-18

Vacay:  Part One

Here is reporter Sophia Vaughn’s account of her family’s recent vacation trip from Springfield to Colorado.  More specifically, as the trip unfolded, the story became about dealing with the long, boring drive across Kansas, enduring her little sister’s creative commentary now and then, some dad jokes, and the sameness of the landscape.

Vacay:  Part Two

Anna Daniel gives a day-to-day account of what her family experienced as they headed by car from Seattle to Missouri.  The scenery, and Anna’s outlook, provide an interesting counterpoint to Sophia’s report.  Listen especially for the sound of sleet in June, which was a far cry from the hot, muggy weather waiting back home.

Episode 10  6-3-18

Segment 1: A Bunch of North Side Kids

Hear the story of a baseball team from Hillcrest that brought home the school’s last state title on the diamond in 1988.  That dramatic season is recalled by two players from 30 years ago, shortstop Marc Essary and pitcher Dwayne McCullough.  As reporter Brenden Weaver explains, the team was dealing with tough opponents, while carrying concern for a beloved teammate with them every time they took the field.

Segment 2:  Update:  Remembering Tashayla Clayton

New “Bay 11” host Hayden Pyle has an update on Shay Clayton, featured in a story from our January program.

Episode 9  4-9-18

Segment 1:  Parkland

Ryan Dietsch and Delaney Tarr, two Stoneman Douglas teens who took refuge in a closet during the deadly school shooting on February 14, talk to reporter Sophia Vaughn about that day, and how they and their peers have taken action in recent weeks to start a national movement.

Segment 2:  Small Non-Profit, Big Heart

Anna Daniel has the story of a respite center started by her grandmother, providing shelter for homeless women so they can recover from being hospitalized.

Episode 8  3-6-18

The Peacocks

Wild Bill Hickok and Davis Tutt etched their names in Springfield history in July of 1865.  They faced off in the town square over a gambling debt, this one involving a pocket watch.  

These two young “peacocks” of the wild west were not about to back down, as reporter Sophia Vaughn explains, with the assistance of John Sellars.  He is the head of the Springfield History Museum, which happens to be located on the square where this story unfolded over 150 years ago.

The story includes original music by Hayden Pyle.  Special thanks to Jeffrey Johnson from OTC.

Episode 7  2-22-18


A special show produced by the staff of “Bay 11,” looking at a rumor that sparked plenty of anxiety in the Hillcrest community, a rumor that turned out to be unfounded.  A meme posted on social media by a suspended student, a few days before the Parkland, FL attack, was taken as a warning of an attack coming to HHS.  School officials acted promptly, investigated, and determined there was no reason for concern.  That did not stop some students and parents from taking a cautious approach the next few days.

Episode 6  2-9-18

Segment 1:  Chernobyl:  Frozen In Time

Amanda King visited the site of the worst nuclear disaster in history.  The city of Chernobyl is a ghost town now after the accident in 1986 that forced evacuation of residents.  They had to leave just about everything behind, including their pets, as she tells Ellen Fountain in our first story.

Segment 2:  The Conductor

Teens should give symphonic music a chance.  That is what the conductor and music director of the Springfield Symphony believes as he talks to reporter Hayden Pyle about his job, and his passion, for “art music.”

Episode 5  1-11-18

Segment 1:  Just 6,000 Miles Away

In “Just 6,000 Miles Away” our host Emily talks to her big sister Chelsea, home for a visit after spending the last 11 months in Sendai, Japan. The cultural differences are substantial, and Chelsea explains how she’s adjusting.

Segment 2:  Fighting For Her Life

“Fighting for Her Life” sums up the last year for Shay Clayton, a teen from Willard, MO who has faced huge challenges, including one devastating decision she had to make all by herself, just before Christmas.  Reported by Sophia Vaughn.

Segment 3:  Stand-Up Comedian Tyler Snodgrass 

In our pop culture segment, reporter Isabella Halmick has a conversation with Tyler Snodgrass, who actually started doing stand-up comedy in high school at Hillcrest.  Now he does it professionally all over the country.

Episode 4  12-6-17

Segment 1:  So Full of Joy

Brennan Williams followed some students who brighten Hillcrest teachers’ lunch periods every day with their snack cart, and their smiles.

Segment 2:  Talent on Display

Parker Payne calls Ellis Hall at MSU his home-away-from-home.  He had his first recital there when he was in elementary school, and now the 19-year-old is known as one of the best piano players in the midwest.  Hayden Pyle, our own piano man, brings us the profile.

Segment 3:  Blogging Her Way to Success 

Her blog site,, has helped Ana Elliot have the career she always dreamed of, one she can enjoy from here in the Ozarks.  Kaylinn Clotfelter interviews her about how she is making it work.

Episode 3  11-17-17

The Summer of the Cobras

Allison Green joins the Bay 11 team with her first story, an in-depth, sometimes amusing look back at a harrowing event from the summer of 1953.  The city of Springfield was on pins and needles after a dozen poisonous cobras escaped from a pet store, slowing turning up all over town in the following weeks.  John Sellars, the head of the Springfield History Museum, is the featured guest, and he provides all sorts of information about the “great cobra scare.”

Episode 2  10-24-17

Segment 1: To Kill a Classic

A school in Mississippi bans the Harper Lee classic, “To Kill a Mockingbird,” and a national debate ensues about the appropriateness of the novel for some classrooms.  Reported by Brennan Williams.

Segment 2:  Take a Knee?

The “take-a-knee” protest in the NFL has made its way to some high school pre-game ceremonies.  Ellen Fountain talked to two players from a Washington D.C. high school who explain why they and many of their teammates are kneeling during the National Anthem.

Segment 3:  Making Music Videos 

Brook Linder, a graduate of Missouri State University, has been making a name for himself in LA where he now lives and directs music videos.  He explains what his job entails in a visit with Kaylinn Clotfelter.

Episode 1  9-30-17

Segment 1: It Could Have Been Me 

Teens on the north side of Springfield, MO learn of a horrific crime, then discover that a man they thought they knew might be involved.  It happened 2 1/2 years ago, but if feels like yesterday to those who were there.

Segment 2: September 32nd 

Head injuries, especially concussions, are getting more attention than ever in the NFL, where there are less than 3,000 players during any given season.  Meanwhile, millions of young athletes risk similar injuries every day in the U.S., and not just on the football field.

Segment 3: Modern Family Ties

Our call-in guest is a former HHS student who left Springfield behind over 20 years ago to seek a career in Hollywood.  She’s now a recurring character on a major hit, playing of all things, a country gal from Missouri.


Bay 11 Hosts for 2019-20:

Anna Daniel and Sophia Vaughn


Bay 11 Executive Producer:  Dave Davis