About HTV

This website was created by the staff of HTV Magazine, the advanced Broadcast Journalism class at Hillcrest High School in Springfield, MO.

The program has been around since September of 1989, making HTV Magazine one of the nation’s longest-running high school newscasts.  It is one of the nation’s most-honored as well.  The show has earned 12 Broadcast Pacemakers from NSPA, a national record, and it has received seven STN Excellence Awards and seven Robert F. Kennedy High School Journalism Awards.

The show runs each month on this website, and at Hillcrest High School.  The program has been “by teens, for teens” since it began.  Topics covered are often edgy, sometimes controversial, and hopefully, true to the teen experience.  Some of the individual stories produced by HTV through the years have won recognition nationally, regionally, and locally.  But the goal for each show, and each story, is to reflect the world from a teen perspective.

The HTV News Director for 2013-14 is Kelsey Williams.  Our Line Producer is Kara Mullen.  They will oversee the regular production cycle of the show next year.  Our staff members take turns anchoring, and everyone on the HTV staff, no matter what position they hold, files a story each month.  Students work in pairs–reporter and photographer–and generate their own story ideas.

This new site will feature more than just the monthly newscast, as you can easily see.  With the creation of htvbuzz.com, we are reaching out to provide plenty of fresh, new content that will be available only on this site.  Regular coverage of the media as it impacts teens will be included.  We will also post the occasional school-based video if we feel it will be of interest beyond Hillcrest.

We urge you to leave a comment now and then, follow us on Twitter (@HTVBuzz), and become a fan of our Facebook page (Facebook.com/HTVMagazine).