Giving In

Another clip from 2005 as reporter Quinci Adams talked to a variety of teens and a local physician about casual, physical relationships and the health risks careless teens often encounter.

Chatroom: Teen Photog

Bryan Snider and Erin Ottar produced this HTV Chatroom segment, where teen photographer Shannon Carroll tells her story in her own words.  From 2004.

Fly Boy

A teen takes us for a ride as we find out what it takes to take to become a pilot.  Produced in 2003 by Jenna Wixon and Brandon Snider.

HTV 20th Anniversary

It was a big party as current and past HTVers gathered for the program’s 20th anniversary in the fall of 1989, 20 years after the first show aired.  Reporter Keith Reynolds covered it for what else–HTV Magazine.

The Dance Divide

From 2010, reporter Kaitlynn Keller and photographer Kelsi Moos cover the controversy over dirty dancing, and how it led to the cancellation of the LPA dance at Hillcrest.

Commentary: Crazy Kids

Jenn Jarvis traces the way young people’s actions, and society’s crazy trends, have troubled the old folks all through the decades in a commentary from 2002.

No Excuses

Fran Olive and Sarah Skinner traveled over three hours from Springfield in 2008 to visit with an athlete who never let her unique physical challenge keep her from excelling.

All in a Day’s Work

From 2006, Paul Nutting tells the story of the students who provide a daily, valuable service for the entire Hillcrest student body.

Suited to Serve

From late 2001, reporter Aubrey Stockstill talks to three Hillcrest students who signed up for military service.

Against the Law (2001)


A new state law said it was illegal for anyone under 18 to possess or use tobacco in Missouri.  ID checks were to take place for anyone up to the age of 27 wanting to purchase cigarettes.

Back Story:  The HTV crew had heard rumors that it was still easy to purchase with no ID.  So they decided to test it.

The Focus Statement: “IDs required–or are they?”

Trivia:  The opening shot of b-roll on this story was from the HTV archives…it was originally seen in 1995 on the Special Edition, “The Invincible Teen.”