Springfield Rugby

A club sport in Springfield provides players with a chance to participate in one of the most physical sports around.

Back Story: The HTV team attended a game and a night practice to gather then footage for the story.

The Focus Statement: “Rugby is a tough, demanding sport”

Trivia: Springfield Rugby had been around for over 20 years when this story was shot. This was the second time HTV had covered the sport.


Words Matter

From 2011, reporter Ali Randolph looks at the harm caused by two words that got thrown around casually by teens.

Love the Locks

Fran Olive and Derek Jenkins produced this fast-paced look at popular hair styes, then and now, in this feature from 2008.

FB: Hit the Snooze

Flashback:  In honor of the start of the school year, we revisit an HTV story from 11 years ago about truancy, and the people who try to get students to school.  

In 2005 reporter Emily Miles went behind the scenes with an attendance advisor to track the ongoing battle against truancy for this in-depth report.

Hazed and Confused

An investigative report from the fall of 2002, as Brandon Goodwin looked into excessive hazing by local football teams.

Waves of Enthusiasm

On our spring break trip to Hawaii, HTVers find out first-hand how to tandem surf thanks to some professionals.

Back Story: Candy Suiso, the broadcast teacher at Waianae High School, arranged the surfing lessons for HTV, but nobody knew they were going to be this exciting.

The Focus Statement: “Learning fast to catch a wave”

Trivia: None of the three Missourians had ever been on a surfboard before this day.


Lessons that Last

This feature from 2007 highlights a high school football team that does not let an extra challenge get in their way.  Produced by Rachel Miles, Lillian Olive and Lauren Bishop.

HTV Opening 01-02

From the fall of 2001, the opening of HTV Magazine with a nod to those 1970s detective and cop shows.  Produced by former HTVer Noel Green and longtime volunteer Mike Teuber.

Sports Rehab

A vintage clip from 2001, produced by Josh Jones and Josh Martin, this story examines how rehabilitation of sports injuries presents a huge challenge to young athletes.  Some make it all the way back, some make it part of the way, and some never can return to their sport.

First Game in HPER

This story from 1991 was shot at the first basketball game played in Hillcrest’s then-new gymnasium, still known as the “HPER.”  Reporter Dearld Snider was on hand along with 2,600 fans as the Hornets faced the visiting Kickapoo Chiefs.