Dog Training

Isabella Halmick checks out a local dog training class.

Summer Ends

A time-lapse by Colby Bogle and Austin Hemmingway in honor of summer winding down.


“Showerthoughts with Dalton Pearce” is pretty random, but then, so is Dalton.  So check out this fun feature, directed by Kaylinn Clotfelter.


A Hillcrest wide receiver is catching passes and opening eyes this season.  Kamren Anderson and Gabby Deckard shine the “sportlight” on Josh Powell.

A River Flows In You

A music video produced by Hayden Pyle and Kaylinn Clotfelter, featuring the music of Yurima.

Night and Day

Colby Bogle has the story of how Hillcrest students and staff enjoyed the solar eclipse.

Sunflower Power

A field of sunflowers in Willard, MO provides the ultimate photo op for visitors from near and far.  This feature produced by Lundon Decker and Denise Pelton a year ago.

Springfield Rugby

A club sport in Springfield provides players with a chance to participate in one of the most physical sports around.

Back Story: The HTV team attended a game and a night practice to gather then footage for the story.

The Focus Statement: “Rugby is a tough, demanding sport”

Trivia: Springfield Rugby had been around for over 20 years when this story was shot. This was the second time HTV had covered the sport.


Words Matter

From 2011, reporter Ali Randolph looks at the harm caused by two words that got thrown around casually by teens.

The Great Escape

Ellen Fountain, Allison Green and Emily Peebles bring us a look from the inside of the Escape Room, where you have 60 minutes to figure a way out.