Hall of Fame 2019

We welcome five new members to the HTV Hall of Fame…congrats to Emily Peebles, Ellen Fountain, Trenton Wolfe, Allison Green, and Kaylinn Clotfelter.

Goodbye, 2019

Hayden Pyle provides the music, Sophia Vaughn the images, as we say good bye to the school year on HTV and Bay 11.

Goat Yoga

There is yoga, and then there is “goat yoga.”  Madison Letterman and Anna Cochran visited a place in Rogersville, MO where the four-legged partners help the two-legged customers enjoy their exercise a little more.

The Buzz 5-2-19

This is the last edition of “The Buzz” for the 2018-19 school year.  Anchors are Noah Hefner and Sara Collins.  Watch for a report from “Decision Day” on the Hill, highlights of the talent show, a PSA about juuling, and a reminder about a great place for teens to find summer jobs.  All that on more on the final show by our Broadcast I class.

C-Street Comeback

The last few years have seen a beleaguered Commercial Street, with a strong history of commerce in Springfield, stage a comeback.  Two people who work there every day share their insights about what has made a difference in the area.  Austin Hemingway and Colby Bogle produced the story.

The Busker of Seattle

While we visited Seattle for the annual STN convention, Sarah Hale and Gabby Deckard met a street performer down at the Pike Place Market who was more than meets the ear.

Cinderella Swap

Prom night is a special occasion that requires a special dress.  That is where HHS teacher Courtney Dameron and some helpful donors made everything a little more affordable for some Hillcrest girls.  Produced by Kallie Tuter and Leanna Teudan.

Sports Rant: Replays

Trevor Roy, with back-up from Brenden Weaver, takes on the topic of expanding instant replays in professional sports.  Check out this “Sports Rant.”

HTV Magazine 244

The latest HTV Magazine, with stories about a “Cinderella swap,” the C-Street comeback, a street musician we met in Seattle, trafficking, a sexual assault survivor, and a new sports rant about instant replay.  To top it off, we share a dog’s day in West Seattle.  The anchors this time are Sarah Hale and Leanna Teudan.

2014: “Spare the Child”

FROM FIVE YEARS AGO:  “Spare the Child” is an HTV Magazine Special Edition about child abuse in Greene County, MO.

The problem is deep, complex, and disturbing. Seven students worked four months on this project. The co-Executive Producers were Kara Mullen and Savanna Steffen.

NOTE: Parts of this program may be too intense for some viewers.

Visit the companion website, sparethechild.weebly.com for bonus clips, extra information, and staff reflections.