The DC Prank

From the first HTV Bus Tour in 2009, one of our famous “From the Bus” features as the producers and Coach D pull a prank on the staff after a long day and night in Washington D.C.  (It kind of back-fired in the end)

The Buzz 1-12-18

The first edition of “The Buzz” for 2018 looks at the graphics class, FCA, and Hillcrest’s top Instagrammers.  Hosted by Maddy Carson and Garrett Cates, check out all that and more.  And watch for a parody from the past, 2009 to be exact, at the end of the show.

HTV Magazine 236

Our last show of 2017 updates a public debate about panhandlers, one which originated with the Greene County sheriff’s social media post.  We meet a Springfield couple and their feathered friends, find out what makes the Reed Middle School Choir something special, and see future Hornets at work in the Little Stinger program.  All that and more in a show anchored by Kaylinn Clotfelter and Brennan Williams.

North Side Harmony

Mr. G. is the leader of the Reed Academy Choir.  They have made quite a name for themselves in recent years.  Hayden Pyle and Colby Bogle let us see and hear why in this segment.

One Summer Day

A.J. had a bucket list for the summer before she started high school, but a serious health scare changed her plans as Allison Green and Ellen Fountain show us in this feature.

The Future Is Now

Get a close up look at a Tesla, a car that has a mind of its own.  Produced by Emily Peebles, Dalton Pearce and Isabella Halmick.

Little Stingers

Five teams of future Hornets are getting a head start on the fundamentals of basketball thanks to a dedicated coach.  Sarah Hale, Gabby Deckard and Brenden Weaver have the story of the “Little Stingers.”

Above and Beyond

Samson Cochran and Austin Hemingway file this feature about two HHS girls taking their volunteering to the next level.

The Buzz 12-11-17

It’s another Broadcast I production as McKenzie Turner and Madison Letterman anchor a show full of features, information, and some seasonal fun.

Meet the Hornets

A quick video by Kamren Anderson giving you a look at the 2017-18 HHS boys basketball team.