HTV Magazine #239

On the latest “HTV Magazine,” we cover the walkout at a sister school, a teen problem that plagues almost everyone at one time or another, two seniors taking a major step this summer, a lawsuit filed by an HHS English teacher, and we also visit a new restaurant with its own unique theme.  All that, plus a commentary by Isabella Halmick, on this brand new show, hosted by Ellen Fountain and Allison Green.

PSA: It Starts With Us

HTVers provide food for thought in this PSA about bullying.

Spring Cleaning

Madison and Kallie show us how spring cleaning chores usually go for teens in this light feature from “The Buzz.”

The Buzz 4-13-18

The Friday the 13th edition of “The Buzz” has new, light features by our sophomores, and a sketch at the end of the show in honor of the special date.  Hosted by Anna Daniel and Chesnee Angel.

Pretty Little Trees…

A light segment produced for the 2018 Buzz-A-Thon in February, as Allison Green portrays everybody’s favorite painter, Bob Ross.  For fun, she invades Hobby Lobby.  Shot by Ellen Fountain.

Better for the Moment

Here is a short film produced in just eight hours for the Central Film Festival.  The complete title is “It’s Better for the Moment.”  The prompt required a specific line of dialogue about gas station slushies, and showing some anger near the end of the story.  See how our team of Kaylinn Clotfelter, Trenton Wolfe, Colby Bogle, Sophia Vaughn and Maddy Carson did.

Some New Names

A short clip produced by Ellen Fountain and Allison Green for the 2018 Buzz-A-Thon in February.  Some funny new names for some common items.

Drama Man

Hillcrest Drama teacher Mark Gideon talked with Tyler Buff about his job, “The Breakfast Club” play going up this weekend at HHS, and about the thriving Thespian Troupe at our school.

The Buzz 3-30-18

Our Broadcast I class returns with a new edition of “The Buzz.”  This time, it’s a show full of some creative features designed to entertain, hosted by Brooke Blair and Dakota Braden.


The prompt for the STN “Short Story” contest on March 17 was “Sorry-Not-Sorry.”  This is what our sophomore team of Trevor Roy, Garrett Cates, Madison Letterman and Kenzie Turner did with it.  They had three hours to shoot, three hours to edit.