Happy Trees

Allison Green, Ellen Fountain and Emily Peebles produced this fun parody of the late, great Bob Ross, and his painting lessons.

The Buzz 3-9-17

We have a brand new edition of “The Buzz” before spring break begins.  Hosts are Brock Schaffitzel and Samson Cochran.  Watch for a St. Patrick’s Day “crash course,” a visit from the late Bob Ross, a baseball preview, plus a few other off-the-wall features.  It’s light, it’s free, and it’s…well, it’s free.

“I Have a Peace”

Senior HTVer Rachel Pfeifer interviews her father, H.C., who talks about his battle with cancer.

The Buzz 2-21-17

A little “Fake News” report, another edition of “Relatable,” and a short movie produced by Kaylinn Clotfelter highlight “The Buzz” this week.  Anchors are Chloe Durham and Ellen Fountain.

Riding High

Chelayne Andrews has loved horses all her life, and now horses are her business.  Check out Springhill Stables in this story by Hannah Holland, Isabella Halmick and Gabby Deckard.

He’s Baaaack!

Hannah Holland, Isabella Halmick and Gabby Deckard visit with Curtis Thomas for this story about his return to the Hill, where he has taken on the challenge of advising the yearbook.

Staying Positive

Meet a tenth grader who has not let a serious setback change his attitude, or his future goals.  Produced by Hayden Pyle and Dalton Pearce.

Full of Promise

A sophomore basketball player is turning heads and helping the Hornets’ chances as they march toward the district tournament.  Sarah Hale and Kelly Tran have the story.

HTV Magazine #232

It’s our annual Broadcast I show, produced by our sophomores.  The anchors are Reese Jenkins and Hope Cochran.

Brady’s Big Booster

It’s all about “passion” according to social studies teacher Jeremy George, and his passion for the New England Patriots is on display…always.  Find out how his loyalty to quarterback Tom Brady, and the Pats, has entertained students and colleagues for years, in this story by Cailey Melville and Hope Cochran.