HTV Magazine #200

Our landmark show from May of 2012.  This one features some historical clips, some surprise guests, and lots of information about the evolution of HTV at Hillcrest.

Reaction: Tear It Down?

A task force says rebuilding Hillcrest High School is worth consideration.  What do current students think?  Reporter McKenzie Turner has the answer.

Damage Done

A dangerous drug from the past, and a new wave of drugs easily-accessed by teens, are the focus of this story by Wyatt Larson and Madison Strain.

Sound Skills

They play and sing and record audio in a popular class at OTC. Brennan Williams and Gabby Deckard got a chance to see, and hear the action for this feature.

Social Media Thoughts

Hayden Pyle does his best to live without social media.  Here’s why.

Rachel Pfeifer H of F

Rachel Pfeifer’s induction video as she joins the HTV Hall of Fame.


A zany campaign spot produced for February’s Buzz-A-Thon.

Banquet “Auditions”

Just so weird.  You might laugh.

Banquet Montage

A short musical montage as we said goodbye to HTV 2017-18 at our banquet.

Delivering for Decades

She has been driving a bus for Truman Elementary students since the school opened.  Meet Jane Franck in this profile story by Austin Hemingway and Kaylinn Clotfelter.