Playing “Favorites”

Madison Letterman and Garrett Cates (camera guy) hit the halls for some quick responses.

A Day in the Big Easy

SPRING BREAK FLASHBACK:  From March of 1996, this natural sound feature was shot and edited entirely by HTV Hall of Famer Jason Morrow.  He was in New Orleans for one day because it was the last port of call on the HTV spring break cruise that year.  Check out some memorable images, shot on an SVHS camera, and edited deck to deck…old school style.

Commentary: Music

Audrey Fountain sounds off on the music she loves, and the music she questions.  And remember, it’s just her opinion.

Yearly Chaos

A preview of the annual “Buzz-A-Thon” webcast, where nothing is rehearsed, and it shows.  By Courtney Weaver and Madeline Summers.

Long Hours

Broadcast I reporter-photographer Scott Zubillaga examines how many hours some teenagers are working, and the challenges they have combining work with school.

New Game

He had never played the sport until he got to college last fall.  Listen as Jack Morris, Hillcrest valedictorian last spring, explains how he became a member of a legendary team at Missouri State University.

Sounds Right

Aiden Tummons and Colby Baker bring us the sounds of “Kaizen,” a young band making a name for itself in Springfield.  See how their dedication and teamwork give them a bright outlook as they hope to record their original music someday soon.

Phones Down

MODOT wants teens to follow their new campaign:  “Buckle Up/Phone Down.”  Sophomores William Wehmer and Emma Tracy explain why that is essential is this segment about a dangerous combination: texting and driving.

HTV Magazine #243

The Broadcast I students take over HTV and present seven stories and a commentary.  Anchors are Colby Bogle and Austin Hemingway.

The Buzz 2-8-19

HTVers take over “The Buzz” for a couple of weeks as our sophs wrap up HTV Magazine.  The hosts are Madison Edmondson and Brooke Blair, and the producer in charge was Maddy Carson.  Watch for LPA assembly highlights, and some features we are not quite able to explain (or claim).