In Plain Site

Thieves can play “I spy” with your vehicle, and sometimes learn a lot more about you than you want them to know.  Reporter Kallie Tuter and photographer Leanna Teudan prove the point after a few minutes in the Hillcrest parking lots.

Coach On the Air

She led the Lady Hornets to the final four in state a few years ago, but now Jeni Hopkins can be found on your radio dial.  Sarah Hale and Gabby Deckard have the story.

Cardboard Creation

He’s on a mission to build something special…out of cardboard.  If that sounds weird, watch this feature by Austin Hemingway and Colby Bogle, and decide for yourself.

Two Wheels, Big Hearts

Every year motorcyclists make a difference in the lives of kids in the Ozarks.  Maddy Carson and Samson Cochran have the story.

Surviving the Fall

Junior Coleman Durham, an avid rock climber, shares the story of a dangerous fall he could not walk away from.  Brooke Blair has the story.

Ice Bears

Hockey is alive and well in Springfield, thanks to the MSU “Ice Bears.”  Their success on the ice owes a lot to their dedication to the sport, as reporter Madison Letterman and photographer Anna Cochran show us in this feature.

HTV Magazine #242

Bikers, hockey players, a guy building something crazy out of cardboard, and other segments now ready for viewing on HTV Magazine for December.  Anchored by Madison Letterman and Samson Cochran.

The Buzz 12-13-18

‘Tis the season, so we have some timely stories, a few laughs, and one creepy music video starring Santa.  Your hosts are sophomores Colby Baker and Cooper Ryan.

Film Club

Hillcrest has a new club and it’s all about the movies, as our Broadcast I crew explains.

About Bay 11

Meet Hillcrest’s podcasters in this piece by Madison Letterman and Anna Cochran.