The Dream Continues

From 2011, a story shot at the Lorriane Hotel in Memphis, TN by Kaley Prier and Chandler Reed.  The site of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1968, people continue to visit and reflect on his inspirational life.

Dead Zone Parody

From the 2009 HTV Bus Tour, field producer Brook Linder directed a parody of a Verizon Wireless “dead zone” commercial, starring Charles McDonald, Rob Lyons, Lindsey Hale, and Chelsea Peebles.  Before the parody, see “the making of” feature.

Buzz-A-Thon 2011

A blast from the past, highlights of the 2011 Buzz-A-Thon.  The theme: “Let’s Rock.”

The DC Prank

From the first HTV Bus Tour in 2009, one of our famous “From the Bus” features as the producers and Coach D pull a prank on the staff after a long day and night in Washington D.C.  (It kind of back-fired in the end)

The Buzz 1-12-18

The first edition of “The Buzz” for 2018 looks at the graphics class, FCA, and Hillcrest’s top Instagrammers.  Hosted by Maddy Carson and Garrett Cates, check out all that and more.  And watch for a parody from the past, 2009 to be exact, at the end of the show.

HTV Magazine 236

Our last show of 2017 updates a public debate about panhandlers, one which originated with the Greene County sheriff’s social media post.  We meet a Springfield couple and their feathered friends, find out what makes the Reed Middle School Choir something special, and see future Hornets at work in the Little Stinger program.  All that and more in a show anchored by Kaylinn Clotfelter and Brennan Williams.

North Side Harmony

Mr. G. is the leader of the Reed Academy Choir.  They have made quite a name for themselves in recent years.  Hayden Pyle and Colby Bogle let us see and hear why in this segment.

Street Scene

After the sheriff posted photos on Facebook and asked citizens to stop giving to panhandlers, hundreds of people joined the discussion.  Kaylinn Clotfelter and Trenton Wolfe talked to the man who found out later he was the center of the social media storm.

The Birds

You have heard of therapy dogs, but how about therapy birds?  See what we mean in this story by Hannah Holland and Chloe Durham.

One Summer Day

A.J. had a bucket list for the summer before she started high school, but a serious health scare changed her plans as Allison Green and Ellen Fountain show us in this feature.