Social Media Thoughts

Hayden Pyle does his best to live without social media.  Here’s why.

Rachel Pfeifer H of F

Rachel Pfeifer’s induction video as she joins the HTV Hall of Fame.


A zany campaign spot produced for February’s Buzz-A-Thon.

Banquet “Auditions”

Just so weird.  You might laugh.

Banquet Montage

A short musical montage as we said goodbye to HTV 2017-18 at our banquet.

Delivering for Decades

She has been driving a bus for Truman Elementary students since the school opened.  Meet Jane Franck in this profile story by Austin Hemingway and Kaylinn Clotfelter.

The Buzz 5-1-18

Talent show highlights, current teachers talking about their days on HTV, a strange “taste test,” really bad pick up lines, and well, the usual collection of random features as we wrap up the school year on “The Buzz.”  Hosted by Tyler Buff and Leanna Teudan.

Saving the Date

Not long after they graduate in May, two Hillcrest teens will take a huge step, and as they tell HTV’s Emily Peebles and Gabby Deckard, it has been planned for quite a while.

The Walkout

Students across the nation walked out to make a statement about guns and school safety.  We covered one of the area’s largest protests at Central High School.  Story by Ellen Fountain and Allison Green.

Facing the Problem

Acne plagues most teenagers, and it can be an ongoing problem, lasting into adulthood.  This special assignment by Kaylinn Clotfelter and Trenton Wolfe examines how facial blemishes can run more than skin deep for some teens.