Springfield Rugby

A club sport in Springfield provides players with a chance to participate in one of the most physical sports around.

Back Story: The HTV team attended a game and a night practice to gather then footage for the story.

The Focus Statement: “Rugby is a tough, demanding sport”

Trivia: Springfield Rugby had been around for over 20 years when this story was shot. This was the second time HTV had covered the sport.


Words Matter

From 2011, reporter Ali Randolph looks at the harm caused by two words that got thrown around casually by teens.

The Great Escape

Ellen Fountain, Allison Green and Emily Peebles bring us a look from the inside of the Escape Room, where you have 60 minutes to figure a way out.


Produced in five days for a film contest, the prop was a map, and the theme was “Urban Legends.”

The production team included Kaylinn Clotfelter, Isaiah Satterfield, Tyler Lesue,  and Madison Strain.


Eye of the Storm

Photographer Bryan Snider, a 2004 Hillcrest graduate, relocated to the southwestern United States and found a new passion, storm chasing.  He’s always on the lookout for a great landscape with interesting weather, as he tells reporter Cole Pryor in this HTV feature.

Partying Truman Style

This natural sound piece produced by Ellen Fountain and Allison Green shows just why kids love the annual end-of-the-year party thrown at nearby Truman Elementary.

RFK Award Goes to HTV

For the eighth time since 1998, HTV earned the prestigious Robert F. Kennedy High School Journalism Award for broadcast.  Josh Horned, Rachel Pfeifer and Chloe Durham traveled to Washington D.C. for the annual ceremony at the Newseum.  This is cell phone video of the presentation to the Hillcrest team.

Damage Done

A dangerous drug from the past, and a new wave of drugs easily-accessed by teens, are the focus of this story by Wyatt Larson and Madison Strain.

HTV Magazine #234

Teens react to “13 Reasons Why,” we investigate the increased use of heroin and opiates, take at look at protests and demonstrations across the U.S., and see how a nearby elementary school throws a great party.  All that and more on the latest HTV Magazine, anchored by Ellen Fountain and Allison Green.

Banquet Slide Show

Some memories from 2016-17 we shared at the beginning of the HHS Media Banquet.