The Tie-Torial

Hayden Pyle with a lesson in bow-tie prep.

Homecoming 2017

Highlights produced by Colby Bogle.  Enjoy.

Isabella Sounds Off

She has a few things gnawing away at her.  PDA.  Parking issues.  And well…check out Isabella Halmick’s commentary.  Remember folks, it’s just her opinion.

WOW Time

A quick look at the newest incarnation of the “Wonders of Wildlife Museum.”  Produced by Trenton Wolfe, Gabby Deckard, and Ellen Fountain.

Commentary: Cruising

Cruisers have been invited to return to Kearney Street after a 27 year ban.  Chloe Durham checked it out, and has some thoughts.

Class of 2030 Q and A

Allison Green produced this question-and-answer session with members of the HHS class of 2030 who are currently attending Pleasant View Elementary School.  Expect plenty of cuteness.

How ‘Bout You?

Here are the daily themes for Homecoming Spirit Week at Hillcrest, which is October 2 – 6.

Meet the Newbies

Samson Cochrane and Brendan Weaver get the scoop on three new teachers here on the Hill, who were good sports in answering their questions.

Presidential Visit

Springfieldians took to the street for the president’s visit to the Ozarks for a private speech at a local plant.  There were supports, and opponents, making sure they were seen and heard.  Reported by Hannah Holland, edited by Gabby Deckard.

Boxing Therapy

Smitty’s Gym on Commercial Street is where you can find the owner providing a special brand of exercise for  very some special clients, as Ellen Fountain and Allison Green explain in this feature.